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There is an increased need for health care and other assistance or support services by EU seniors as a consequence of demographic changes and ageing. This is a huge challenge: looking ahead, resources are scarce, and the available workforce is dwindling. There is a massive digital transition occurring in this sector, making it more economically sustainable for the future, however, care workers within the sector are lacking the digital skills required to stay abreast of this transition…this is where The Housing Care Project comes in. These technologies can lead to a change in care needs, with consequent improvement in the quality of life for older adults, for their carers, and a reduction in national spending. With the decrease in the available workforce, it is essential to take advantage of the benefits offered by technology. For this format to be successful the skills of Care Workers need to be reframed. Without a good and sustainable care system, the caring for seniors falls back on their spouse or family and this can be challenging.

In this audio clip, we hear from one such carer. We spoke to a family carer who told us about how invisible they felt in the healthcare setting. Although they had some outside support, they felt extremely isolated. They are now making it their mission to change the way stakeholders and researchers deal with carers and patients. There is nothing as powerful as lived experience. Being a carer is one of the most valuable things you can do, but it’s upsetting seeing the person you love declining in health. It’s important that not only the patient gets the care that they need, but also that the carer gets support as well.

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