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The toolkit is a project result of the HOUSING CARE project implemented after the development of the MOOC, it was created to reskill senior care workers on emerging technologies to use with human touch in the senior care sector.

The toolkit meets the need for skills development and practical mastery of senior care workers involved in the MOOC.

It can only take place in a work-based context.

The toolkit contains a set of helpful tools to design and implement practical learning activities addressed to Care Workers for Senior people.

It includes contents, activities and tools aimed at trainers who will support the Care Workers for senior people (the target group of the project – TG) in the work-based learning experience.

The first thing to do to understand how to use the kit is to first read a fundamental tool, number 29, the Tutoring Guidelines, which describe:

  • the work-based training processes, in which the activities to be implemented and which tools, checklists, grids to use in each activity are described;
  • the guidelines for designing work-based learning,
  • the tools, checklists, grids, tools for control and support, for the certification of competencies, for self-assessment, and for quality evaluation).

Then, based on this document, it will be possible to access the different tools. The toolkit is divided into three sections:

For Tutors:

It contains all the tools for the design and monitoring of work-based learning pathways.

For Operators:

It contains practical guides, the self-assessment tool, and the logbook.

For VET providers:

Which includes the curriculum and training materials used to train tutors and designers for work-based learning and the Quality Guidelines in line with the updated EQAVET+ framework.

The toolkit is available as a single document and as a collection of individual tools on the project’s website.

The toolkit is available as a unique document (n. 46) and as a collection of single tools.

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