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The new Green Paper on Aging confirmed the increased need for health care and other assistance or support services by EU seniors as a consequence of demographic changes and ageing. This is a huge challenge: looking ahead, resources are scarce, and the available workforce is dwindling. There is a massive digital transition in this sector, making it economically sustainable for the future, however, care workers within the sector are lacking the digital skills required to stay abreast of this transition…this is where The Housing Care Project comes in.
Today, Housing Care -Long-Term Care (LTC) for older adults in autonomous housing contexts and/or in economically sustainable residential alternatives to traditional residences for this cohort makes healthy ageing possible with the support of technologies. These technologies can lead to a change in care needs, with consequent improvement in the quality of life for older adults and a reduction in national spending. For this format to be successful the skills of Care Workers need to be reframed. 
The overall objective of the project is to empower these care workers and their educators or trainers with the skills required to keep up with this digital transformation. Thus it will contribute to reducing the risk of unemployment of Care workers and make the European Elder Care system more sustainable. The ageing of the population increases the need for Elder Care services. However, there is a decrease in the available workforce. It is therefore essential to take advantage of the benefits offered by technology.


To achieve this objective, we are working together with partners from Italy, Spain, Denmark and Ireland on providing 2 Tangible Project Results:

A Human Digital MOOC

(Massive Open Online Course) to upskill care workers and their educators in the digital skills & the Human care mindset required for them to stay up-to-date in the sector thus creating more sustainable employment and suitable personalised care for seniors in autonomous or semi-autonomous settlings.

A Human Digit Work - Based Learning Toolkit -

This digital toolkit contains a set of useful tools for designing and implementing hands-on learning activities directed to Care Workers and to be implemented in a work-based pathway. It will include suitable content, activities, and tools for their VET trainers so that they can support the care workers through-out this learning experience.