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Additional Resources

Welcome to the Extra Resources section. This is a go-to source for enhancing your understanding in senior care. Here, you’ll find a couple of documents/reports developed from our extensive research and collaboration across our partner countries in Europe. Explore these insightful studies, and practical guidelines designed to give the project consortium a better understanding of the needs, abilities and opportunities available to our main target group – Care Workers. Whether you’re seeking to expand your digital competencies or deepen your knowledge in senior care, our resources are crafted to support your growth and readiness for the future needs of the care sector.

Analysis of Care Worker Profiles

Analysis of Care Worker Profiles offers a comprehensive overview of the situation and characteristics of care workers across Europe, focusing on countries participating in the Housing Care project. It outlines the demographics, employment conditions, education levels, and professional skills of care workers, highlighting the challenges they face, such as low wages, high workloads, and the impact of these factors on their well-being. The analysis also discusses the legal frameworks governing care work in these countries, aiming to provide insights for improving care workers’ conditions and acknowledging their crucial role in supporting the elderly.

Housing Care Selection of Technologies

The “Housing Care Selection of Technologies Report” provides a thorough examination of current technologies designed to support the elderly and caregivers. It categorises these technologies into three key areas: active and healthy aging, efficiency and well-being of caregivers, and accessibility. The report outlines the state of the art in each category, detailing innovative products and services that enhance physical activity, social interaction, home safety, and health management. This foundational analysis aims to guide care professionals in leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for seniors, aligning with the Housing Care Project’s goal of future-proofing elder care