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ilmiofuturo is an innovative organization running in the field of lifelong learning system since 2014. It aims to support people in their own personal and professional growth. In the today complex labour market where rules and roles change continuously, ilmiofuturo supports people in reaching a proper condition of personal self-fulfilment. What get us passionate and inspired is to working for a World of “autonomous and connected people”, fulfilled people able to imagine and create the World they wish. People as key-players in the society of awareness.

We promote transformative learning processes in order to support people in the «knowledge era».

Ilmiofuturo offers customised learning solutions on soft skills by getting in participants “activation and inspiration” essential qualities to caught opportunities and to surf in the complexity.
We use a transdisciplinary approach that combines integrating several active learning methods.

“Fundación Tecnologías Sociales (TECSOS), translated as Social Technologies Foundation” is a non-profit entity created in 2002, by Spanish Red Cross and Spanish Vodafone Foundation.

TECSOS joins the social experience of the Spanish Red Cross with the technological excellence of Spanish Vodafone Foundation, with the aim of addressing social needs through innovative Information and Communication Technologies taking into account ethics aspects and contributing to the improvement of people’s skills with special attention to the most vulnerable people.

The values of TECSOS Foundation are the proximity to social needs and collaboration with other entities to develop innovative solutions that generate real and sustainable impacts based on ethical creation, design for all and promoting evolution and transformation to: “Building a society for all people with technology adapted to each of them”.

“Fundación Ageing Lab” is a non-profit foundation from the city of Jaén (Spain) created with the aim of becoming a network of knowledge on ageing that arises from the concern of professors and researchers from the different universities and professionals of the business world of social and health care.

We are part of a wide research and dissemination network thanks to our Living Lab, accredited within the European Network of Living Labs (Enoll) that allows us to participate in several national and international projects (Erasmus plus and H2020). Some of these projects aim to bring technology closer to the care sector (Pharaon), others are more focused on the development of all the product related with the elderly (Innovating Food for Senior), or encourage social prescription (Activate).

We aim to improve the life and well-being of the elderly in all areas, providing an innovative approach through new technologies without forgetting the society in which we live and all its needs.

Italia Salute srl has been operating in the social and health sector for several years and stands out for having invested and bet in the innovation of rehabilitation services provided in its centers. The company has among its members business and professional realities of long experience and high professionalism in the sector. Since its establishment, the company has worked on new concepts of Healthcare, developing efficiency, highly professional services and accessible to all. In its outpatient centers, the company, making use of the contribution of professionals in the sector, provides services in various areas including cognitive, motor, neurological and psychological rehabilitation. Particular attention is also paid to prosthetic assistance services and aids, on which the company aims at innovation, testing and introducing even the most sophisticated technologies. Among the most important actions undertaken, is to invest in figures such as the home care worker who combines more sectorial skills with personal and empathic assistance.

SOSU Ostjylland is the second largest social and health care college in Denmark. We provide different educational programmes – as well as supplementary training of educated staff members – for social and health care institutions and for home care for elderly. Besides we educate and train staff for the child care sector. We provide VET education and youth education including EUX (VET and high school combined)and also EUD10 – 10th grade of the primary school. ). In addition, competence development and continuing education are offered to employees in the health care profession, as well as courses for people who want to work in the profession. We continuously develop innovative pedagogic and didactic training material and organize work practice, and we work closely together with the employers in the field. We have more than 25 years’ experience in training and further education of care staff and since 2007, validation of prior learning has been a part of our activities.

Momentum is an award-winning Irish educator focused on developing progressive learning programmes (course curriculum and content development) and platforms for education, with a special focus on adult – further education and digital skills. Our experienced team helps educators and SMEs respond to the dynamic and changing needs they experience and thus we aim to provide more sustainable employment and futures to adult learners. We train and mentor hundreds per annum and we advise networks and policymakers.

Momentum also has a strong marketing and dissemination division specialising in brand development, content generation, communication strategies, digital media and social media attracting high-profile attention to our programmes. We are very proud of our role in developing the Housing Care brand that is carried through the project.

Roscommon Integrated Development company (also known as Roscommon LEADER Partnership, RLP, and RIDC) is a non-governmental organisation that works for the betterment of the people of County Roscommon, Ireland. RLP and its predecessors have been in operation since 1991, supporting communities and individuals in the county and its environs. We provide practical and needed supports including training and development opportunities, work placements, grant assistance, youth programs, Dementia Café, Digital Skills for Citizens, Family Resource Centres, Older Peoples Council etc. We work with community and voluntary groups, small businesses, potential entrepreneurs, those excluded or marginalised in society, prisoner families, farm families, youth groups, People with Disability and older people etc. We also collaborate with a wide range of local organisations in the delivery of our services.